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We have high standards in all we do.

For 3+ years, iProvence has been delivering business intelligence (BI) solutions that cover the needs of both business users and business analysts. The former need predefined reports, the latter value flexibility, and we know how to combine the required features into one solution.

BI software that we offer encompasses:

  • Data collection from different sources
  • Data parsing, cleaning, and integration
  • Data warehouse and ETL
  • Online analytical processing (OLAP) for exploratory data analysis
  • Predefined reports and dashboards


We take the business needs of a particular customer as the core of a BI solution and fill it with relevant features.

Customer-related BI solutions

Customer analysis

Sample features:

  • Cohort analysis
  • Basket/cart analysis
  • Customer lifetime value analysis
  • Customer spend history
  • Customer complaint analysis

Marketing analysis

Sample features:

  • Analysis of loyalty program efficiency
  • Forecast of the response to marketing campaigns
  • Market share analysis per country
  • Brand portfolio analysis
  • Brand awareness analysis

Sales analysis

Sample features:

  • Sales and profitability analysis
  • Progress measured against sales goals
  • Category performance analysis
  • Sales seasonality analysis

Ecommerce analysis

Sample features:

  • Conversion rates analysis
  • Cart abandonment analysis
  • Visitors’ engagement analysis
  • Analysis of the coupons redeemed
  • Assortment analysis

Process-related BI solutions

Performance analysis

Sample features:

  • KPI status vs. target
  • Alerts when not reaching the target
  • Department and employee performance analysis
  • Root cause analysis

Industrial analysis

Sample features:

  • Forecast of production levels
  • Analysis of quality assurance efficiency
  • Cost efficiency analysis
  • Asset analysis

HR analysis

Sample features:

  • Payroll analysis
  • Compensation analysis
  • Talent management analysis
  • Absenteeism analysis